Easter Basket Goodies

by Ally- Life as I know it, 3:00 AM


It kind of makes me sad that Easter is so early this year! I enjoy any holiday season and Easter will be here in exactly a month tomorrow! It doesn't leave much time to soak it all in. I decided to go ahead and get a head start on Easter Basket treats for my children. With how shipping has been this past year, you can't guarantee you'll get your items shipped in time. So it's not a bad idea to plan early. 

In each of their baskets I'm giving them a bunny. I always stick with Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animals. They're so sweet, soft, and they have an heirloom quality to them. Oliver's very favorite bunny in the whole wide world is a bunny lovey we named Foo Foo. He was the very first Bunnies by the Bay for us and I love the tradition it started. This bunny's name is Nibble and he reminds me of a bunny I had growing up named Hoppy. Can you tell we like bunnies in our family?! They're also each getting a book. Marshmallow for Oliver and The Easter Egg for Elsie. Both had great reviews for their ages. Oliver is obsessed with crafts right now so I just know he's going to love this Paper Mache Bunny Kit. The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie caught my eye over Christmas and I mentally saved it in my mind to get for Elsie's Easter basket. You basically decorate kittens with Crayola markers and then wash them off but that is hours of fun for a 2 year old! They're also getting a chocolate bunny and a few other sweet treats- carrot and chocolate eggs. Natives are all my kids wear in the spring/summer months and they both desperately need a new pair this year! 

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