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The other day a friend on Instagram asked her followers about brands they've been influenced to buy from Influencers. It got me thinking about what I've purchased through these years because someone on the 'gram sold me on it. I don't pay too much attention to ads that they post about but there have been those few times where I thought something was a good fit for me or my family and I bought it. They have to have a good discount code too, I like my deals! For the most part I do my own research and try not to get sucked into the consumerism but thought I would share the few things I did buy and my thoughts.

Weezie Bath Robe

I purchased a Weezie robe last spring during quarantine. I needed a new bath robe and loved their new blue and white designs so I splurged and bought one. Weezie is all over Instagram, I think they send free ones to Influencers often. I had always heard how soft and luxurious their towels are so I was very excited to get one. When I first got it, I loved the design but I didn't find it to be that soft. I think I remember someone saying they get softer with each wash and I personally think it starts to snag with each wash! For only having it for a year, it hasn't held up very well. They're not cheap bath robes so I was pretty disappointed in that. They look nice but I found the quality to be no different than a Target bath robe, or any store. I wasn't impressed, not for the price!


KixiCo is a monthly subscription box with activities for your child to do. Neat arts and crafts to keep them busy. I signed up for this service for Oliver a few years ago after an Influencer I follow shared it and had a discount code. We did it for a few months and it kept Oliver busy for a little bit. Well, it was more like kept me busy because he was 2 or 3 at the time and had zero attention span. One month we received paint in the box and like any 2 or 3 year old he got some of the paint on his clothes. And that paint never came out! I used different types of stain remover and it didn't budge. What kind of kid's brand doesn't use washable paint?! I was pretty annoyed by that and ended my subscription. Now that he's older I think he would really enjoy it. I also know for the future if there's paint involved, make sure he's wearing clothes you don't mind getting ruined. Side note, I started buying him Kid Made Modern craft kits and that paint washes off clothes, walls, and fabric so easily. Just rub with soap and water and it's gone!

Equilibria CBD Oil

I wrote a blog post about my review of Equilibria so definitely check that out. In summary, I liked it a lot. I noticed a difference with my anxiety when I used it and if I was having acute panic attacks or rushes of anxiety, using the oil did the job. My issue with it is it's expensive. But mental health is so important so you could say it's worth it.

Billie Razor

I think the Billie Razor is no brainer. It's only $9 for the starter kit, and then each refill is $9. For some reason normal razors are expensive and the refills are even more. They're free shipping and come right to your mailbox. Yup, I was sold. The starter kit also comes with a magnetic holder that sticks onto your shower wall and holds the razor when not in use. But best of all the razor works really well. It leaves your skin smooth and not itchy at all. This was probably my favorite "influence" because it's so useful and you can't beat the price!

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  1. Girl, get the barefoot dreams robe. I"ve had mine for years now, and I swear, not only is it still in pristine condition, it's gotten softer!


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