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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:53 PM

I just bought a new edition of this planner for 2021-2022. I was never a planner girl prior to buying this one but after Theo had his stroke (still can't believe it happened!) last summer I needed a way to keep track of all of his appointments. Now he's capable of doing that himself but I really do like having the planner to keep my life in order. It isn't fancy but it gets to the point and I really like the chinoiserie print on the cover. It's also the perfect size in my opinion.

I went searching for a "non toxic" selfless gradual tanner for my pasty pale skin and found this one on Amazon. It had good reviews and I liked that it was organic. So many sunless tanners are full of junk that can disrupt your hormones. Actually now that I remember, I was looking for a sunless tanner for my mom. She's used Jergens Gradual Tanner for years but I wanted to find something cleaner for her to use after her breast cancer diagnosis. I'm not sure if she ever ordered a bottle but I did! After one application it gave me a nice glow and not orangey. It doesn't have a smell at all which is pretty unheard of for sunless tanners, so I really like that about it. I just applied it as I would a normal lotion and so far haven't noticed any streaking. I'm not good about exfoliating before applying and I didn't use a mitt to apply, just my hands. I definitely made sure to wash my hands well afterwards. If you're looking for a sunless tanner that's easy to apply and gives you a little glow Vita Liberata is a great one!

My kids are in swim lessons already which means I had to pull out my very favorite shampoo/body wash for their hair and skin from last year, SoCozy Swim 3-in-1. It smells amazing, like a pina colada, and it does an excellent job of keeping their hair soft and moisturized from all the pool water. I think I was traumatized when I was younger from the pool turning my hair green that I always make sure to use this 3-in-1 on my kids!

I'm really loving these Lumineux Non toxic whitening strips. Normally whitening strips make my teeth very sensitive but I haven't had an issue with these at all. I first used a full 7 day treatment and after I finished I just do a maintenance of 1-2x a week. They're so gentle, you could see them daily indefinitely if you wanted to. 

We are going on a vacation in a few weeks with a long drive so I decided to surprise my kids with some Snackeez for the trip! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well first consider yourself lucky because you must not have seen the obnoxious commercial that airs on NickJr all day long! But it's a cup with a straw and has a spot for you to place snacks. Pretty simple but so genius!

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