How I manage PMS

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Whenever I post on Instagram stories that I have horrible PMS, I always get messages from others saying they suffer with it too! For me my PMS starts days after I'm done ovulating and it's like a flip switches and I feel my anxiety rise. I also get extremely hungry often and sometimes it feels like nothing I eat satisfies me. This is the time where if I'm going to be ragey to my kids or Theo, it happens during these 10-14 days before my period starts. Funny story, well now I can laugh because it's over with!, but one time I was SO angry at the kids, probably for something stupid, and I threw my phone down with clearly incredible force because the screen went black and it never came back on. That's not ok, I mean I had to get a new phone which isn't cheap! Plus my kids were probably terrified of me! The mood swings and the inability to control them while I'm going through PMS is awful!

I don't feel like it was this bad until after I had Elsie. So just these past few years really. I'm not sure what changed to make it worse but I guess my hormones are to blame. I have done SO much research on PMS, the reasons it happens, and what to do about it. Here's what has works for me:

  • SLEEP! I've definitely found I need 7-8 hours of sleep at night to feel good. When I'm tired, my PMS symptoms are 10x worse. Sleep is something I've really started to make a priority lately. I'm a better mommy with good sleep!
  • NO sugar/white carbs. Of course this is the time of the month where I crave junky foods but they make me feel so tired hours later and my anxiety is much worse. I've found I have a clearer mind, more energy, and I get less acne if I don't eat sugary foods. White carbs too, it just turns to sugar!
  • I try to eat alllll the vegetables, especially cruciferous ones like broccoli and cauliflower. I've read that PMS can be caused from too much estrogen and cruciferous vegetables help to naturally reduce estrogen levels in your blood.
  • Avoid alcohol. I love a drink to unwind like every other mama but unfortunately it really disrupts my sleep. Even one glass of wine with dinner hours before I go to bed can keep me up at night. It's not falling asleep that's the issue, it's staying asleep. And with no sleep = bad anxiety. I don't always stick to this rule but I do try, especially on the weekdays.
  • B vitamins + Magnesium supplement. Did you know most people are deficient in mag and B vitamins? B6 especially regulates the mood boosting and stress relieving hormones, serotonin and norepinephrine. Vit B12 can help with period pain and energy levels. I take Thorne B- Complex daily. And magnesium keeps everything running smoothly in your body. It's a natural muscle relaxer and for me it really helps with anxiety. If you don't do anything else, definitely take these supplements. I feel so much calmer and sleep great since taken them both daily.
  • Prozac or any other SSRI. I take a low dose of Prozac daily. I started after Theo had his stroke but I really should have been on it years before. It's not perfect and whenever I deal with PMS I think, maybe I should double this? I could tell it wasn't enough but it helps. I definitely think the combo of Prozac plus B Vitamins and Magnesium works well for me.

If you also deal with PMS, I would love to hear what works for you! We shouldn't suffer through it alone!

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