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Spearmint Tea is kind of like my secret for clear skin. Although it's all over the internet with success stories from others too! Spearmint has anti androgen properties (the hormone that causes hormonal acne) and I swear by drinking 1-2 cups daily! It also has this neat way of perking me during the mid afternoon slump and helps me fall asleep if I drink a cup before bed. 

My favorite swim shirt to buy for Oliver. They're inexpensive and I haven't noticed any pilling like other brands eventually do.

I own an "O" and an "E" of this necklace and haven't taken them off once since I got them. I'm really impressed with the quality for being just 14K gold plated. And for the price, if something happens to one of them it'll be easy to replace!

Elsie doesn't want to wear bows anymore (makes me cry!!) but she does like these little clips to hold her hair back. This is a set of 60 so you've got every color covered!


This is just a basic sweater but it's a cute fit. I bought it to wear when we went to the Outer Banks in May to throw on for the cooler beach nights.

Precious little Mary Janes! They come in lots of colors for either boys or girls to wear.

I bought this balloon arch kit for Elsie's birthday party and I was really pleased with it. The set came with everything I needed to make the arch for only $13. 

I highly recommend an electric air balloon pump for the balloon arch! In the past we've used a manual pump and that was brutal! This electric pump saved so much time, and frustration!

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