Thoughts for my 35th birthday

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:51 AM

Your opinion of me has nothing to do with me, it has to do with you- I love this SO much and think about it all the time. You can't change how someone feels about you and once you realize that, it's SO freeing. I wish I had this advice in my younger years, it would have saved a lot of unnecessary worry!

Wash your face for a full 1 minute- What a game changer this is to your skin! I literally set a timer for 1 minute when I wash my face to make sure it's the full minute!

Say YES! to stuff out of your comfort zone- I recently went to a stripper pole class, talk about out of my comfort zone! But it was so much fun! 10 years ago I would have been far too concerned with how I looked and scared to put myself in a vulnerable situation like that and probably wouldn't have gone. That's one of the nice things about getting older, you don't care as much and just have fun!

Make sleep a priority- I'm a better mommy, wife, co worker, when I get good sleep. I would rather stay up late and have time to myself but it makes for a bad day the next day so I've learned, I've got to get my sleep!

Stay calm with children- This is something I'm constantly working on daily!! It's so easy to get worked up when my kids are throwing tantrums but it doesn't do any good and makes the situation worse! Kids play off of our emotions so if we stay calm, it eventually calms them down. (This is what I remind myself 50x a day!)

Don't worry about your flaws-  Chances are the things you don't like about yourself, no one even notices! I don't love my nose but I think it's unique and fits my face so grown to be alright with it!

Wear sunscreen- it's the #1 way to prevent aging! 

Life can change in an instant- The day before my birthday last year my husband Theo had a stroke. It was truly the scariest moment of my life and until you go through a traumatic event like that, you don't really understand. But it taught me how fast your life can change and that you don't know what the future holds so enjoy every single moment. Find happiness in the simple things and don't waste your time and energy on silly things.

Stand up for yourself-  I'm an Enneagram 9 so I really like to avoid conflict. Standing up for myself doesn't always come easily to me but I also can't stand when people walk over me. So being assertive and expressing my opinion more is something I'm working on instead of just being passive all the time. 

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