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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:18 AM

Just popping on to share a few things I've been using and loving lately!

1// I'm super acne prone and have heard on multiple sites that you should use a brand new face cloth each time you wash your face. Unless you're washing your towels after every use (who has time for that!) most likely it's dirty and even a freshly washed towel can still hold lots of bacteria. I found these disposable towels on Amazon and use a new one each time I wash my face. I do think it's made a difference in my skin! I also just pat my skin dry, never rub, and my goal is to get the drips of water off my face. I'm not trying to get it all the way dry.

2// If you have any trouble sleeping or calming down before bed, I highly recommend taking a magnesium supplement a few hours before you plan on going to sleep. I sleep SO well since I've started taking magnesium and sleep so hard too. I have the craziest dreams, which I looked up and it's a side effect of magnesium. It just means you stay in REM sleep longer, which is good! I even got my mom hooked on magnesium and she says it's helped with her Restless Leg. I love the brand Thorne for supplements. 

3//  My dermatologist put me on Tretinoin and I did a ton of research on what moisturizer to use with it. Tretinoin can dry you out a ton and it can also cause pretty extreme side effects in the beginning which I was scared of! Like I said earlier, I'm acne prone so I needed a lotion that's gentle but effective and La Roche Posay's was recommended. I'm really obsessed with this lotion! It's very luxurious, no smell, I have had zero dryness, and no new breakouts! It's only $20 too!

4//  I normally buy "clean beauty" products, especially lip products, but I can't seem to find anything that lasts very long! I picked up this Wet n Wild Cloud Pout Lip Mousse Cream Lipstick at drugstore and the lipstick lasts for hours, it keeps my lips moisturized (more than the clean lipsticks ever did!) and the color "Girl, You're Whipped" is the prettiest everyday shade. 

5//  Have you ever slept on a silk pillowcase? Talk about luxurious! I love that I don't wake up with creases on my face, my hair is smooth, and it prevents wrinkles and breakouts. I tend to get hot at night and it also keeps me cool. It really feels like you're sleeping on a nice, cool, cloud in a hotel bed. My pillowcase is from a brand called LilySilk which only uses 100% mulberry silk. You can use code PLOS15OFF to get 15% off! 
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